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Knowing our true history and culture will cause African-American people to become much more self-reliant, as opposed to continuing to look to others for even their basic needs. We must take our rightful place among the leaders of the world for the benefit of the world. Since we as African-Americans are not included to the degree necessary in the curriculum of the established educational system, and because we are convinced that we will not be sufficiently included any time soon, we must have events outside of and apart from the established educational system to educate African-Americans (children and adults) into the positive knowledge of themselves. This is primarily why the African American Cultural & Historical Society (AACHS) (working in conjunction with co-sponsor COMPRO-TAX, Inc.) is committed to the aforementioned task. This is why we sponsor this Annual African-American Cultural and Economic Seminar. It is our hope and belief that such a seminar will have an immediate and long-term positive impact on the lives of those who are in attendance. We feel that this positive impact will include heightened race esteem among African-Americans, which will begin to manifest itself in several ways.
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Yusuf Muhammad Convenor
African American Cultural & Historical Society